Introduction to Tantra
10 Part introductory course

Join me on a 10 part journey in studying what Tantra really is. Learn all the basics and receive the empowerment to begin practicing this ancient practice of self transformation.

Most people think of tantra as a path of sacred sexuality. That is wrong, this practice should be called “neo-tantra”, or “sacred sexuality”.

It has little or no connection to what tantra really is, or even to the tantric sexual rituals.

So what is tantra? this is what my 10 part introductory course is going to reveal. In this course you will learn what tantra really is, the connection between Indian and Tibetan Tantras, what the various tantric terms, rituals and processes mean. The real difference between left and right hand tantra, where the confusion with sexuality came from, and how you can practice it in day to day life.

Hi, my name is Tomer. I am a Teacher of Yoga, and Traditional Tantra. I am part of the Shivoham Lineage, a Shakt Tantra lineage based in Maharashtra India.

I have been studying yoga and tantra since more than 20 years. I spent many years in India seeking initiations and practicing the various tantric techniques and methodologies. I have studied both Indian and Tibetan tantras and have trained under several masters.

Today I teach under the guidance of my Guruji Rajkumar Baswar, a wonderfully humble tantric master that has initiated some of us, his students to pass on the teachings of real Tantra to others. 

I invite you to study with me this amazing course that will combine his practical teachings with the philosophy of the Sri Vidya, Trika Shaivism, Kali Kula and in comparison to other philosophical system like Tibetan Vajrayana and Advaita Vedanta.   


Here is the course outline of what you will learn in my 10 part introduction to tantra, each class will have a theoretical part and practical teaching of tantric techniques and practices:

Class #1 – What is Tantra, differences between Indian Tantra, Tibetan Tantra & Neo Tantra, Defining Tantra 

• Class #2 – The history of tantra

• Class #3 – The philosophical basis of tantra, The true meaning of yantras, The True meaning of mandalas

• Class #4 – The main tantric lineages, Mantras and the different levels of speech

• Class #5 – The various tantric texts, Sandhya bhasa, the stages in tantric practice

• Class #6 – Fire rituals, inner and outer fire, kundalini

• Class #7 – Indian tantric technique – How to summon the goddess

• Class #8 – The 5 M’s and the real tantric sexual ritual (theoretical explanations only… there will be no hanky panky what so ever)

• Class #9 – Comparing tantra to other paths, Vedas, Sufism, Judaism 

• Class #10 – Traditional tantra for modern life, how to practice at home




Course fees: 1000 nis for 10 in person sessions. If you cannot make it in person some of the content can be transmitted in zoom. but the initiations are done in person.

Contact me by whatsapp on +972523173064