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Heal, Grow, Live

Helping you heal the past,
overcome difficulties, and
live life with joy

Do you feel depressed?

Are unexplained pains ailing you?

Are old traumas haunting you?

Or filled with Anxiety about life?

And you feel stuck in old patterns?

Or maybe you just can’t find happiness?

Are You Looking For A Therapist Who Will Help You Involve Your Entire Being: Mind, Body and Spirit, in Your Healing Journey?

How I Help

Many times we do not know what is the source of our difficulties, which makes them hard to overcome. I see my clients as whole beings that have a physical body, a mental and emotional part as well as a transpersonal aspect.

My therapeutic approach sees our emotional and physical difficulties as a result of how we try to cope with the various tramas and life events that we had gone through, especially in our earlier years. A coping strategy that solidifies into patterns we are mostly unconscious of.

The body remembers. And that is why I start from working with the body, through body-work and breath-work we uncover the deeper causes to our current conditions and the hidden patterns that bring them forth. Then we are able to treat the root of our difficulties and achieve real healing.


Life can be hard. Sometimes problems are too big to handle alone, and everything seems pointless. It’s tough to enjoy life if you’re constantly dealing with stress and worry, or when nothing goes your way. I can help you get the life you want.


If you feel that past events are haunting you. If you feel like you are not alive in your body, living a limited life, you may be carrying the marks of an old trauma. I would like to provide you a safe space for healing your traumas, and recovering your light.

Chronic/unexplained pains

Do you suffer from chronic pains or unexplained ailments? Life can be hell if you are in constant pain. These are many times the way our body copes with our inner struggles. The bodywork I offer can bring relief to this pain and find a solution for its cause.

Life Patterns

Sometimes life feels like it’s on repeat, no matter how much energy you put into making change, somehow you find yourself in the same situation, same relationships, same frustration all over again. There IS a way out of our patterns.

Transpersonal Work

When all else ‘fails’ I like to suggest transpersonal work. It allows to access the deepest reaches of our being – beyond words or thoughts. And can bring healing even to pains that seem unreachable.

Yoga Workshops

My yoga workshops revolve around self development, self healing and deepening understanding and consciousness. I share my studies and discoveries in online classes, workshops & retreats.

Hi, I’m Tomer.

Life can feel like a never ending maze of stress, struggle, and confusion, leaving you unsure of where to go for help.

Healing is my passion, I believe that any difficulty can be overcome, and I am a person that likes to look for solutions. Throughout my career, I have sought out the best methods for helping the conditions that I encountered along the way. Nowadays I combine all the methods that I’ve studied offering you a complete path to healing that can address you wholly. And, if the best method I see is not one that I practice I will direct you to those who do.

I enjoy helping people find their inner strength and inner healing, to get to know themselves and overcome old patterns. I’ve seen that many times what you need is someone willing to accept you as you are, and is willing to go with you into your mess, your pains, your shadow without judgment. I believe change comes from self-acceptance, and ultimately self-love, I want to show you the path I learned to find this within.