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Overcoming Life patterns

Do you feel stuck? Are you facing situations that seem out of your control? Do you end up dating the same type of person time and time again? Or experiencing the same type of frustration at work or with your friends?

Sometimes it feels like whatever it is we try to do we can’t break out of certain cycles, certain habits and certain patterns. We might feel helpless as if external forces are controlling our life. If you feel like this I want you to know that you are not alone. There are many that experience the same. 

Many times in our lives we are recreating situations, based on some key moments in our past. 

By looking into our life patterns, and then going into the past and finding the key moments which shaped us, we can bring resolution to the echoes of the past opening our future for something new.

It is only by knowing ourselves that we grow.

Taking responsibility - the key to change

The key to change is assuming responsibility for our life, so long as we feel to be the victim of unseen forces there is nothing we can do. Understand this: even if objectively there are external forces affecting our life we still need to take responsibility for the parts that are in our control so we may achieve change.

If you work with me, we will look into your life and gain an understanding of what is your part in the things that are happening to you.

Once we realize our part we see how our own actions have brought us to where we are at. Looking back at our life we will see how certain patterns get repeated, we will uncover the beliefs underneath these patterns, and the events that shaped these beliefs.

Let's take a walk in the history of your life, let's discover together where you have come from, and become free to be who you want to be

Together we will look at your life, starting from the present moment, we will understand what is holding you back, what patterns you are living that are not beneficial for you.

Then we will start looking back to see how these patterns have played out in your life, we will look at how they developed, how they took hold inside of you.

We will go back until we find the moment where you learned that pattern, and there we will work. All pattern were once useful, they are coping strategies that have helped us survive or advance in the past but are no longer benefiting us. once we learn why we developed a pattern it starts to loose its hold on us. Then we can find new ways to get what that pattern was supposed to gain us.

In this way we find the roots of the patterns that you are living now, we can then treat those roots to achieve a change straight from your core