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My Counseling Specialties

Throughout my career, I’ve discovered that there are a couple of areas that I’m best at working in, and I continually strive to get even more skilled in working within those areas. One of those areas is finding the hidden causes, the hidden pattern behind your difficulties, I have done a lot of this work on myself, piecing together the story of my life and understanding why I am the way that I am. And I use the same skill for your favor. 

My second area of focus is working with trauma victims. Whether it is sexual trauma, accidents or combat trauma. I myself am an ex combatant, and the pain of dealing with disturbing memories, images, thoughts and emotions is not foreign to me. In my journeys into myself I passed through certain circles of something I can only describe as hell, I will be honored to walk with you the journey of healing from your past traumas.

My final area of specialty is working with the body and specifically with the body in transpersonal psychotherapy. Part of my own healing journey utilized the body to enter into deep experiences of healing, introducing others to these states of healing and sharing this space with others is now my greatest joy.

What Therapy with Me Looks Like

Most likely we will start by talking about what is troubling you at this moment, about how you feel and what you are facing. Through this talk, and, if you are in my vicinity through bodywork we will uncover the things that you are carrying around with you, many things are locked up in our body, most likely you will be surprised as to what is underneath the things that are bothering you in this very moment, many times what is actually hurting us is not what we are consciously aware of.

Once we have a clearer picture of what is going on inside of you right now we will start looking at the patterns that are being manifested, how it is that the inner and outer situation in your life is being created in your present moment. We will then start to look back in time to see how this pattern has been manifested in your life. 

All this time we will in parallel be working to “reprogram” the patterns, to not only identify them, but to change them. We will work with how it feels to be in your body and how the thoughts play out together with you emotions, sensations and actions.

As we go back in time we will eventually address the origin of your patterns, the origins of your difficulties, we will work out the things that got stuck, come to terms with the things that we could not come to terms with before, and bring healing to the older wounds that are the root of your current difficulties. Most often this will go towards dealing with things from your childhood and adolescence. 

Finally we will all the time strengthen your inner light, your loving awareness. You might not feel that you have it in you, but I can guarantee you that you have a core of strength that can be tapped into.



Outside of counseling…

I enjoy playing my guitar, painting, and spending time outdoors. I read a lot and try to keep myself updated with the latest things happening in the world. I get worried sometimes with where we are going towards, as a society, and especially with what is happening to the planet, and I constantly look at what I could be doing to make things better.

Professional bio…

My education includes a B.A. in Psychology from the Open University in Israel, and I am in the middle of attaing my  M.S.W in Clinical Social work from the University of Haifa, In addition I have received professional trainings in transpersonal psychotherapy, childhood therapy, breathwork, family constellations, somatic experiencing, yoga teaching & therapy. My experience includes working as yoga teacher for many years, work as a rehabilitation youth instructor and running my private psychotherapy clinic.