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Migraine Relief Treatment

Migraine does not need to define who you are, there is a natural solution to migraines, no medications and no side effects

The Migraine & Headache Relief Method is a method I have been developing since 2016 both as a preventive as well as an abortive therapy for Migraines and Headaches. The method is based on a combination of Pressure points, Massage, Breathing and Awareness. 

If you want to try it out you can either purchase an online course that will teach you how to use it as self help, or come to see me for a Migraine Relief Treatment that can give you full relief in less than an hour.

How is the Migraine Relief Treatment done?

When you come to me for a Migraine or Headache relief treatment I will ask you to describe how you are experiencing the pain in the present moment. I will also ask you to describe how your pain started and how it normally changes.

Then I will apply some of the 25+ techniques I use, most of them include pressing on various places in your head, face, neck and back. As I will press on the various points I will ask you to relax and breath in a specific way. I will apply the techniques in a very specific order, and as the treatment unfolds you will feel that the pain moves from one part of the head to another. Until it will disappear completely.

This will take 15-45 minutes, depending on the severity of your Migraine. I like to give a complete 1 hour treatment so I work also not only on the pain you are experiencing, but also on the secondary symptoms and on the root causes. I will also teach you how you can apply some things at home.

Does it work for everyone?

I’ve given Migraine Relief treatments to hundreds of people, from my experience everyone feels some relief, about 80% of my clients experience complete relief. I’m serious about this, complete relief, meaning they have no pain at the end of the session. 

How come I’ve never heard about this?

I know it’s hard to believe, I’ve seen so many Migraineurs cry tears of joy after a session, I know you must have tried a million things, and if you are here it means they must have not worked for you, or had really unpleasant side effects. So I know its hard to trust that anything can work. And it almost sounds too simple.

 So why haven’t you heard about it? simply because I’m just starting to advertise it. I’ve developed this method myself, It was a chance discovery that got it started, and it’s really new. We’re even doing a medical trial to get statistical evidence that it works, In the future I hope every physiotherapist in the world will be trained to give this kind of treatment.

I also want you to know it’s not actually that simple, it’s actually quite a complicated method, it combines 3 different types of treatment into one. for the client it’s very simple, you just come to get the treatment, but developing the method was a long  process.

Can this help with secondary symptoms?

Yes. It can help with ‘secondary’ symptoms. sometimes these are not so secondary. brain-fog, nausea, light and/or noise sensitivity, and more. most of these secondary symptoms can be helped.

Do I need to come to see you when I have the Migraine?

That is best, but not required. If you come to me when you are not having a migraine I will give you a preventative treatment that will help you avoid having an upcoming migraine & I will teach you how to treat yourself when you have one. If you come to me when you have a migraine I will help you get relief from it.

What If I can’t make it to you?

If you can’t make it to me to receive the treatment from me then you have 3 options:

 The first is that you try the self treatment course I have made. In 2020 I took the time to turn this method into an Online guided self help method, you can find it here: In the course you will have guided videos that will give you all the information you need to treat yourself.

The second, in case that you cannot make it to me, but you are living in my vicinity is to contact me for a house call, If it is not to far I can make house calls upon request.

The third is that we schedule an online session, and I will teach you the elements from the method that you need to know to treat your specific case.


Want to try the self treatment method?

If you want to try the self treatment method, here is one of the techniques that I will teach you how to do in the method. Remember that when I give an in person Migraine treatment you won’t need to fuss with doing it yourself, all you will need to do is sit back and relax.

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