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Transpersonal Therapy

Sometimes, no matter how much we try to find the reasons and healing for how we feel we are not able to find an answer. Sometimes the regular tools that we have used just don’t seem to work, and we might even feel despair that we will never be OK. Sometimes our pain seems to be in a place without words, without memories or images. 

Transpersonal psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy which can go to these places and bring healing even to them. It can work, where everything else seems to fail. 

In this type of therapy we access altered states of consciousness which allow us access to the deep subconscious mind. 

I use a form of meditative yoga, and a method of circular breathing, which helps us enter into this place. It’s hard for me to describe it. 

It is like taking a psychoactive substance, like MDMA + DMT, only you do it with your own brain and so you are not actually taking anything in, and there are no side-effects (except becoming hungry after a session 🙂 that tends to happen.

It takes us to a place inside of us without words, some people believe this can take us to visit past lives, to deal things that are coming from our past “karma”, others see it as the brain switching into a self repair mode where it starts to heal itself. Whatever the reason this method works is not as important as the results. I have seen many deep, almost ‘miraculous’ healings take place in this space. 

It can really open a new world for you.

Tomer Weiss